Advent of The One – Prophecy

One Spirit Movement / ORS Presents The One – Advent. The One is the person who has totally integrated and balanced Duality, Light and Shadow, ego and Soul, (conscious + Subconscious), thus becoming One Within. The One is according to One Rainbow Souls he/she that humanity waits for and that is, the Savior or the Mediator, who will restore the Balance on Earth,(Between the two factions of the Sun and the Moon) who in the various Eschatologies of the World is called with different names such as: Pahana – Mahdi – Christ – Messiah – Krishna – Quetzalcoatl – Kukulcan – Li Hong – Kalki – Saoshyans – etc. – All these names refer to the same person who will come that One Rainbow Souls calls The One, (L’Uno) who is the Chosen One of the Supreme One. The Supreme One is the Supreme Divinity who is One in his two parts of Mother and Father (Female and Male – Yin / Yang) Divine in the One. The state of Oneness of He/she who is One Within, is first of all the state of Union of the Supreme One from which the emanation of all creation springs, that is, that movement of consciousness (or Intellect) and therefore vibrational from which everything manifested.

In the Concept of the “Supreme One” (of ORS) it is attested that from the Sacred Union of the Divine Mother and Divine Father results the Supreme One, which originates from another concept and that is the concept of Parthenogenesis or more commonly ” Immaculate Conception “by the Primordial Mother (Silent Mother of the Night – Shining Darkness) who gives to the Light the Only Begotten Son (Light / Sun / Day) who in turn Becomes Father and therefore counterpart of the Primordial Mother with whom he becomes One, therofore Supreme One.

The image of the Black Madonna and the child (but also Isis and Horus etc.) is a reference to that Parthenogenesis or Immaculate Conception which originated from the Cosmic Primordial Mother or Source Creatrix. “Tenebrae Lucem praecedunt et illa est Mater” – “Darkness preceded light and she is Mother” – inscription written in Latin located on the Altar of the Cathedral of Salerno.

So therefore The One is the Chosen One of the Supreme One, and it would be he/she whom the Supreme One has chosen in whom to manifest in the dimension of duality, who will come to manifest in this dimension to show the right path of rebalancing and integration of the opposites within ouselves, and to act as a precursor for the Awakening, the Resurrection and the gradual Ascension of Souls (incarnated in this Universal dimension) towards higher dimensions of consciousness, and therefore the achievement of Inner Oneness Within (or Christic Oneness – for Christic is meant, that inner attainment of higher consciousness and Ascension, or integration of duality of the two inner polarities – conscious + subconscious – Truth + the sleeping Wisdom in the subconscious)

So a question arises spontaneously and it is: can anyone of whatever religion he/she may be, really think that The One (the Chosen of the Supreme One) will be one who embraces an already existing religious faith or the other? No, He/She (The One) will be someone who will give life to his own Spiritual Doctrine, based on teachings ended up in the drawer waiting to be awakened, so that The one will unite the Souls of the different Colors and races in One and therefore in The One.

The One will be one who will filter the essence of the Universal Spiritual principles on which religions were founded, and with these and on these Universal Principles The One will found a New Social Spiritual Reality made of Souls aspiring to the Essence of Knowledge and Truth that leads to the Awakening of the sleeping Wisdom of the Soul, with which to rise Spiritually towards the gradual expansion of consciousness and rebalancing of opposites in Inner Oneness. So He/she who is to come, The One, encloses the Essence of the Universal Spiritual Principles at the basis of religions, which will bring Religion or better still Spirituality to a progressive evolution.

<< Religion = Religare (Latin) From religâre, to bind; da ligâre, to unite in harmony to reunite >> – Reunite what? – Reunite the duality of the Soul in us in Inner Oneness, (Twin Flames) and reunite the Soul in the One with the Divine Spirit, who is Mother and Father in One, therefore Supreme One.

Therefore, he/she (The One) comes to show the Way of righteousness and Truth that leads to the Awakening of the inner Wisdom, and to the resurrection of the Soul; and the Universal Dimensional Ascension towards Inner Oneness, is the ultimate goal to which all Souls are destined.

Before entering the dimension of duality, the Soul is androgynous, male and female in One, however when it enters duality it splits into two bodies. So with the Advent of The One, there will be a new beginning towards the return to the Inner Oneness of people, as it was in the beginning, an ascensional return to a higher dimension where the Soul returns to the Inner Oneness, that is the reunion of the two parts of the male and female Soul (Twin Flames) therefore Androgynous Oneness, as it was in the beginning in the image and likeness of the Supreme One. We all have a Twin Flame and who before and who after will gradually rejoin his/her, but the Inner Oneness is more relevant than the Physical one, and The One will be the precursor to this Inner Oneness in One, not only of the integral Soul , but in some ways also of Oneness of the Soul to the Supreme Spirit or the Supreme One; and all this process of integration of the polarities leads us to ascend to a higher dimension or fifth dimension, or even fifth world (for Native Americans) where the Soul will reunite its two halves again in the Inner Oneness as it was in the beginning, and this reunion will also be reflected in the outer World bringing back to the reunion the two forces and factions that for millennia have contended for the supremacy of the Planet (and Universal) of which symbol are the Sun and Moon, or otherwise the those two faction of the same Brotherhood tha t once was One, riassumed today in Illuminati & Luminari.

Paride Tierno


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